Sweet Beginnings


When I was young, a family friend in Memphis, Leigh McLean, created a new nickname for me: caramel. For my "sweet disposition."

I’ve come to love the comparison of my name to the sweetness of caramel. First, the name fits because I have more than just a sweet tooth—ask anyone. I even have a preference for caramel over chocolate (your jaw is probably dropped!).

But on a deeper note, I enjoy looking at life’s experiences with an added touch of sweetness and appreciation. Whether it’s my obsession with Instagramming pictures of my three f’s (family, friends and food), trying new restaurants or finding creative outlets in my hectic life, I think adding the extra touch is simply worthwhile. That is caramelization if you will: seasoning and simmering an ingredient to achieve a sweeter taste.

So join me in making life a little sweeter. Let’s look at life caramelized.

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P.P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!