Cochon (New Orleans)


With Superbowl Sunday this past weekend and Mardi Gras in full swing, I simply cannot get my mind off of New Orleans, Louisiana.  I miss the city, its unmatched spirit and delicious diversity of food.  I have not been back to New Orleans since early January, but I can still taste the savory flavors that Cochon offered us on New Years Day.

So now, in honor of this month's festivities in good ole Louisiana, here's a critique of the yummiest spot in town.

Cochon has been recognized as one of New Orlean's Top 10 restaurants for years now, so I had to give it a shot. I wasn’t disappointed.

Warning: If you are a vegetarian, do not go to this restaurant.  Cochon means pig; and boy, does this restaurant hold true to its name. But you’ll leave happy as a pig!

Extremely laid back and rustic, the southern comfort was in the air. We were sandwiched between two other couples at a teeny-tiny wooden table—and while I was uncomfortable at first with how closely the tables were placed, I soon got over it. Because all I could focus on was the food.

photo credit

Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs, so please don’t judge! I had to order enough to sample for my wonderful readers, so let’s just use that as the reason why Alex and I ordered such a quantity for only two.

yummy yeast rolls to start. | photo credit

wood-fired oyster roast | photo credit

For starters, we chose the wood-fired oyster roast and smoked pork ribs with a watermelon pickle. I also had to get the pork & black eyed pea gumbo—why, might you ask? Well, it was New Years Day…so I had to eat black eyed peas for good luck!

smoked pork ribs with watermelon pickle | photo credit
I chose the oven-roasted gulf red fish “fisherman’s style” for my entree. The portion was outrageous, but the preparation had just the right amount of seasoning with pickled onion and lemon on the side. It was a simple and light entrée, which is what I needed after so many starters. 
red fish "fisherman's style" | photo credit
dumplings and mac.

Alex ordered the opposite: rabbit and dumplings. Served in a root vegetable and potato stew in a single-serve cast iron skillet, the dish was extremely rich. I couldn’t handle more than a bite, but Alex was satisfied. A side of baked mac and cheese casserole took us overboard, but we were happy. Very happy.

Needless to say, Cochon was a fantastic way to kick off 2013. I hope you try it on your next visit!