Clark's Oyster Bar (Austin)


Walk through these doors on a sunny afternoon, and you've entered California paradise.  Clark's, the "baby brother" of Perla's (it's less than a year old!), quickly became my family's new favorite for seafood and sophistication.  It's in a hoppin' location on West Sixth and equates its dining experience to a maritime yacht club.  How picturesque is that?! Put on your shades and Vineyard Vines and step into a beachside bliss.


The photos speak for themselves, but these dishes deserve some caramelized praise.

Our waiter gave us a "northeastern sampler" of our oysters on the half shell.  To be honest, I'm not fancy enough to taste the difference between these oysters; once they're doused in cocktail sauce, Massachusetts and Maine are the same to me. But, let me tell you: these oysters were good.

The wood grilled shrimp toast was unlike any other shrimp dish I've had - the shrimp mix was literally baked into the Texas toast. Delish.  And, of course, we couldn't go wrong with the lobster roll, a simple sandwich with succulent lobster, bibb lettuce and a buttery bun.

The wood-grilled brussel sprouts were too spicy for my momma, but I loved the sliced and skewered presentation.  I didn't have time to photograph the grilled cheese with sofrito because my brother Jake ate it too quickly.  Yep, it was that good.

I hope your Clark's experience is as delightful as ours was!