La Bisquine (Honfleur)


Sunday morning, we stepped off of the coach bus into a dreamland. And it's called Honfleur, France. Our program had already spent Saturday in Caen to experience the D-Day museum, Utah and Omaha beaches, memorials, and cemeteries on the event's 69th anniversary. The powerful yet emotionally demanding day called for a relaxing Sunday in Honfleur and Deauville.

Omaha Beach

Hotel Normandy in Deauville

The picturesque scene of our lunch patio mirrored Impressionist paintings of the Honfleur harbor I had witnessed minutes beforehand in the Edmond Boudin museum.

Since Honfleur is a port town, I caught on that seafood was a must. I wish I could've ordered the 65 euro seafood tower that I saw on our walk throughout the restaurants! But I must be frugal, living in Europe as a student and all.

Our group of girls was pleased with our final choice: La Bisquine.

I ordered the mussels in white wine. The meat itself was smaller per shell, but the portion was huge and the white wine taste really came through. Sautéed onions also soaked up the wine, and the parsley added extra freshness to the dish.

Allison ordered a Gallete, which I learned is a savory crepe. She chose the traditional gallete with ham, cheese and egg. The ingredients were similar to a Croque Madame, which is on my list of dishes to try.

Carly ordered grilled Salmon with garlic mayonnaise and "chips." Maybe it was because it had been so long, but those fries were crispy as ever!

The rest of the girls craved classic American brunch, so they ordered fine herbs and mushroom omelets with cheese. I had a taste and thought they were delicious. European cheese really makes that much of a difference.

I will say that the food is enjoyable, but the scene makes this place a must. I'll never forget it. Or the fruit "candy" shop I found a few doors down :)