Frost Bake Shop (Memphis)

Psst. Memphians. Guess what?
Frost Bake Shop opens TODAY!

I have been followed the family-owned operation on Facebook and driven by its new Laurelwood storefront all summer long in hopes that construction could end early. However, I was honored to be invited early this week to the original Bartlett kitchen to try their buzz-worthy treats.

The term "homemade" has clearly been taken for granted in the recent craze of consumerism and mass production. Frost Bake Shop brings its meaning back home. In the Frost kitchen, you will not find cake mixes, shortening or store-bought frosting. Instead, you'll find dedicated employees zesting oranges, whipping buttercream with only cream cheese and butter and mixing a consistent, moist batter.

My favorite part soon arrived...the tasting.
I tried strawberry, banana and chocolate cupcakes AND a tiramisu.

The photo shows just a glimpse of the moist cake with light buttercream dollops. Did you know that each batch of banana cupcakes has one pound of bananas and walnuts? The strawberry batch has one pound of strawberries in each, too. You can't get more "legit" than that in the baking world.

I understand that you have to be a coffee fan to truly enjoy a slice of tiramisu, but this homemade beauty has got it goin' on. Each lady finger is hand-dipped in espresso. The mascarpone is airy and sweet (I could eat in alone with a spoon), and the cocoa powder is a lovely touch on top. I would never think to order tiramisu at a traditional cake shop, but this blew my expectations out of the water.
Visit Frost Bake Shop in the Laurelwood Shopping Center today! Their bright and cheery storefront has everything you need: cupcakes, cakes, pies, coffee, comfy seating and a wonderful staff. Take care of your sweet tooth and tell me what you think!