Artillery Cafe (Cambodia)

Of course, with a thirteen-hour time change comes inconsistent sleeping patterns. Dad and I found ourselves awake at 5:30 a.m. the first morning, eager to explore the neighborhood and find our “regular” spots.  It did not take long to find our favorite lunch establishmenet, Artillery Café, which we visited three different times.
Unlike traditional Cambodian cuisine, this modern café thrives on its healthy, raw, vegetarian menu that attracts eaters from all over the world.  Many sit in the open entrance with a newspaper and cup of French-pressed coffee, while others grab a quick bite or pressed juice.
Feast with your eyes: every dish from the nori roll of seaweed, avocado, carrot, bean sprout and ginger dressing, to the garlic hummus with veggie sticks and sunshine avocado sandwich on olive bread was impressive. I’m a big fan of eating food that makes you feel good about yourself—and this menu clearly does just that!
To drink, the coconut crush and fresh coconut juice (in the shell) were both refreshing in 90-degree weather. If only I could have a glass right now! You can’t go wrong with fresh fruit in Cambodia—every fruit I tried tasted extra sweet.

I miss this little nook dearly.