Moonshine Sweet Tea (Austin)

With a blog dedicated toward "sweet touches on everyday experiences," I could not conjure up a more appropriate epitome of my personal motto than through an ice cold, lemon-rimmed glass of old-fashioned sweet tea. Moonshine sweet tea, that is.
I was ecstatic to receive a taste of Moonshine, an example of Austin's local talent with both strong family tradition and strong appreciation for this city's culture. Before tasting, I was instantly drawn to the stunning contrast between modern packaging and the elegant old-fashioned bottle shape. No need to buy or venture out for a carafe or pitcher, because the typography and bottle speak for themselves with a fresh approach to a nostalgic brew.

The tea is highly concentrated, but mixing a tablespoon or two with water induces a perfectly crisp sip. Not to mention, an alcoholic mix wouldn't be a bad idea either...I'm currently crafting in my kitchen for a Spring cocktail.
Moonshine's multifarious function can appear at events for any lifestyle...parties, picnics, cocktail hours, barbecues, or quick fixes while dining at Whole Foods (they're sold at all Texas locations...and should be in California soon!). 
In this case, I took advantage of my boyfriend's visit to Austin for Valentine's Day and planned a surprise picnic for two at a peaceful park nearby. The sunny, breezy weather matched Moonshine's disposition in easy entertaining. The sweet tea obviously took center stage and, oh, did it impress. Alex's Southern gentlemanly habits complemented the Southern spread of sweet homemade cornbread with fig preserves. Personally, I could not have asked for a better surrounding scene or sip in hand.

Get yourself this goodness in a bottle, either at a Texas Whole Foods or through an easy online order. With Spring quickly approaching, you'll need Moonshine in tow for the lovely seasonal gatherings coming our way.

What's your favorite type of scene to serve sweet tea?

*This post is in partnership with Moonshine. Thank you for being supportive of my sponsors!