Twenty Two Birthday Wishes


I turned twenty-two one week ago (woohoo!), and I find myself constantly contemplating on what I want to achieve this upcoming year. Since I am a writer, I've found it easiest to lay out my thoughts in a list. With a new post-college chapter ahead of me (although I'm still in denial), this post comprises of wishes and resolutions, if you will, that I want and need for personal fulfillment. They are in no particular order, and I would love to hear any advice you might have for my (or your) year ahead... glamorous

1. Make my bed, every single morning. My commencement speech at UT-Austin graduation taught me to do so. Take twenty minutes and watch it yourself. 2. Wear more color. 3. Read the newspaper. 4. Open the cookbooks on my shelf and actually cook recipes from them -- I need a break from Pinterest. 5. Visit Chicago. And Houston. And Dallas. And New Orleans. And wherever my college friends will guide me. 6. Call my grandparents more often. They're too important. 7. Host a dinner party in my new apartment that involves a lot of wine and a lot of cheese. 8. Splurge on (or dream about) a new bag. 9. Diversify my wine palette beyond a favorite glass of Chardonnay.


10. Start running again -- that time I ran a half marathon seems way too distant ago... 11. Purchase new lingerie -- enough of the oversized sorority t-shirts in my drawer. 12. Learn Photoshop proficiently. 13. Get a facial every three months. And wear sunscreen more often. 14. Use my KitchenAid rather than just as a display piece. 15. Collaborate more with bloggers, professionals, industry influencers, etc. 16. Buy a bar cart and style it with swanky cocktail accessories. Then serve to friends for a happy hour. 17. Surprise my boyfriend when he leasts expects it -- because he's been way too good at surprises lately! 18. Try a pilates class. Even if my aunt is an instructor, I've never done it.


19. Take a spontaneous road trip to the beach. 20. Eat an apple a day -- pink ladies are my new best friends. 21. Plant an herb garden. 22. Make a picnic at least once a season.

images via man-boss | love my dress | the trotter girl | featured image via pink patisserie