Farmers Market Cocktail


IMG_2639 When it comes to grocery shopping, I really should change my system. . . but for now, it typically goes as follows:

1. Roam through every aisle (or stand, if at a market). 2. Pick out the most colorful and beautiful produce available. 3. Lay it all out on my kitchen counter. 4. Create a recipe with what's in front of me.

I find it to be both a fun little challenge for myself (like an easy version of Chopped?) and also an opportunity to showcase the ingredients that truly caught my eye from the beginning. Recently after a trip to the farmers market, I stared at the most gorgeous assortment of summer peaches, blueberries and basil on my cutting board. Hello, cocktail!


Makes one serving

1 ounce vodka Small handful blueberries 2 slices of peach 2 basil leaves Ice cold sparkling water

1. In a small glass, lightly muddle peaches, blueberry and one basil leaf. Add vodka and stir.

2. Top with sparkling water and a basil leaf.