Gazpacho (Featured on The Everyday Adventurer)


IMG_8537 Last week, the Cuisinart was calling my name. . .or maybe it was the "five days left of summer" alarm going off in the back of my mind. Alas, such a calling inspired an entire day in my new kitchen with Haim Pandora station in the background and bowls and spoons in every direction.

Coincidentally, I had just been in touch with sisters Lindsey and Haley of The Everyday Adventurer, a new Austin-based lifestyle blog with a focus similar to that of Caramelized -- celebrating everyday experiences, whether a new destination or a new stylish outfit. I couldn't have been more excited to be on their blog to share my latest gazpacho recipe, which is super simple and summer-ific. Please do not let the fact that the tomatoes are pureed intimidate you -- it's a faster process than standing and dicing one at a time.

Click here for the recipe instructions and a little Q&A. Thanks for having me, Lindsey & Haley!