Bounty on Broad (Memphis)

IMG_0349 Broad Avenue has been buzzing for over one year now; but now, it's booming. Much can be attributed to the brilliance of Chef Jackson Kramer and restauranteur Taylor Berger, who completely renovated a two-story, one hundred-year-old dry goods store into the most sought-after dining experience of its kind in Memphis.

I have been a Jackson Kramer fan since his days at Interim, and the farm-to-table approach only enhances my appreciation for his culinary creativity. His menu formation is innovative and, to me, totally makes sense. Rather than appetizers and then entrées, categories of vegetables, fish, and meats are listed from lightest to heaviest in flavor and size. My friend and I opened our bottle of pinot noir while strategizing on our menu choices. We wanted a little bit of everything, and Bounty makes that system absolutely doable.


The forest mushroom salad (served warm with juicy grapefruit segments) and cornmeal-dusted fried gulf oysters arrived first. Mushrooms are a top five food group in my book, and I was pleased by the wild mushroom assortment that I have yet to see served anywhere else in the city. The oysters were absolutely awesome, served slightly sweet with an apple cider vinegar aioli.

The stuffed mountain trout (which mimicked my feelings by this point in the meal) was cooked perfectly, melting in your mouth with every bite. I could distinctly taste the rosemary, which worked wonderfully with the fish rather than getting lost in the other flavor components.


The beef bavette over brussels sprouts was my favorite dish of the night. A fancied skirt steak, velvety smooth and topped with a bleu cheese butter, sat nestled atop baby balsamic-glazed brussels. I can't wait to go back for this one. The smoothness of this dish is even smoother than a fine glass of red wine. I believe you'll be just as impressed!

Beyond the menu, the customer service is excellent. We were well-attended for the entirety of our two-hour feast by a well-versed waiter. Next time, I hope to sit at the kitchen bar to watch Chef Jackson work his magic, plate by plate. It truly is magic, I tell you.

Bravo, Bounty!