Friday Finds: Halloween Sips and Sweets


Happy Halloween! While I will not be trick or treating for candy tonight, my sweet tooth is unsurprisingly at an all-time high. Luckily, this holiday hands us the excuse to add a punch of sweetness to our diet, whether in dessert or cocktail form. Tonight, in my 1920s garb, I'll be whipping up this folklore blackberry brew from last week's All Hallows Eve dinner party shoot with West Elm and Art in the Find. Below are a few other sweet-tooth-friendly finds for your holiday weekend...It is not too late to plan something special for your Halloween gathering!


Halloween-appropriate puppy chow (pictured above).

Mini pumpkin whoopie pies with cream cheese filling by the beloved Martha.

Joy's apple snap cocktails. . .hello.

A "fig"ment of your imagination with honeyed mascarpone.

A classic martini with the most crisp and creepy presentation!


Featured image courtesy of Edible Perspective