Cafe Chloe (San Diego)

I am writing this review from the sky over the desert of Arizona; and beyond the beautiful sunset, the taste of flaky almond croissants hasn’t left my imagination since brunch at Café Chloe. IMG_2772

A finale to a girls’ weekend with my four best friends and our mothers, we chose this sought-after spot to give us a last “splurge” before reality (and our diets) commence. The layout of the café was all I could ever want in a restaurant: abundant natural light, curated greenery, a mahogany bar surrounded by white walls and furniture, and quaint tables and chairs throughout the wrap-around patio. The 72-degree weather allowed doors to remain wide open, welcoming sunshine and a nostalgic California breeze.

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Upon being seated in a cozy nook in the back, the ten of us unanimously ordered the three different daily pastries - almond, plain, and chocolate croissants - for both the daughters’ side and the mothers’ side. Ashley sliced each pastry for a sampler-style starter alongside our coffee drinks, served in wide-rimmed white ceramic bowls with saucers. The lavender-lemon mimosa sounded divine, but I held myself back considering the continuously-flowing red wine at Cucina Urbana Saturday night did me over! A hazelnut soy latte was just right.


The second entreé down literally called my name: poached eggs over wild mushrooms and a rustic baguette slice. The forest fungi were extra buttery and the slightly runny yolk’s added richness, yet I couldn’t get enough of the combination. I was happy to add a few arugula leaves to each bite, as a light salad with sundried tomato on the side could not be ignored. The yogurt and granola with starfruit, asian pear, and blackberries was expertly seasonal and very popular at the table, as well. Ashley’s traditional applewood bacon and two eggs over easy came with a pulled piece of toasty baguette. I love how Café Chloe elevated classics in its own dainty way, from start to finish…