Toast (New Orleans)

Lately, I've lost the precious time to savor morning meals before work. The 6:45 a.m. workouts are taking over my rituals of coffee sipping and egg scrambling (though, yes, that should be a good thing), and the snooze button has become my best friend on days off. Combine that lack of time with my desire to drive back to New Orleans for Jazz Fest... Take me back to Toast.


Ashley and I stumbled upon this peachy pink house right off of our Magazine Street route, which entertained us throughout the relaxing weekend. We chose Toast as the finale of my trip...and yes, it was a lovely choice. The avocado toast with sunny side up egg was a given, but I was equally enthralled by other menu items: crispy bacon, homemade grits, and an omelet special with goat cheese and roasted red peppers.


Naturally, we split every dish. This was a challenging yet worthwhile feat, for I never turn down the chance to try multiple menu items at once! The toast was perfectly crisp, and I enjoyed the thick cut of sourdough to soak up egg yolk and catch bright green avocado slices. As we all know in the food world, avocado toast would list among the most popular dishes if ever to be left on a deserted island. I have definitely joined the bandwagon. And the Toast bandwagon.


The omelet special was delicious, though goat cheese's rich overtones always seem to overwhelm my plate at breakfast. The pineapple was spectacularly sweet compared to the crispy, savory bacon on the side.

I'm looking forward to cooking a Toast-inspired breakfast at the lakehouse over Valentine's weekend. What's your favorite kind of toast?!