A Caramelized Conversation with Abby Larson

I'm so thrilled to share my conversation with the exquisite Abby Larson, Founder and Editor of Style Me Pretty and Style Me Pretty Living. The sites reflect her stance on creating sweet touches to everyday experiences -- effortless, elegant, and approachable. I personally have found myself pinning images from SMP on my Pinterest boards for dreamy wedding decor or whimsical, girly DIYs. I hope you'll take away a thought or two from this admirable lady who manages to do it all (with a memorable flourish, of course) with style and poise. Join me and Abby in our Caramelized Conversation... photos courtesy of white loft studio

Abby Entertaining II _ White Loft Studio

What inspired the launch of Style Me Pretty? 

I started Style Me Pretty 8 years ago in a world where inspirational blogs were just beginning to pepper the web. As someone in the wedding community, I saw that brides were waiting three months for the next seasonal wedding magazine to come out. Within those coveted magazines, perhaps five weddings were actually shown. I decided to create a space for the hundreds upon thousands of other weddings that weren't being shown in the glossies, but that in terms of style and taste, most certainly should have been.

How have you expanded the brand to include, home, kitchen, and entertaining? 

The goal of launching Style Me Pretty Living was to create a field guide to inspired living; a home for all things after (and before) the ring. A place where SMP girls how to throw a seamless party, how to decorate their home no matter what their budget, how to cook the VERY best chocolate cake and what to gift on every occasion. Style Me Pretty Living content ranges from parties and celebrations, DIYs, recipes, travel, home tours and more.

Abby Entertaining_ White Loft Studio

How do you constantly fuel yourself with creative inspiration for the site's content? 

I don't have to leave home, that's for sure. Just clicking around the web to the amazingness that is out there - with most of it coming from novices who are overjoyed to be creating - is more inspiration that I could ever hope.

Your most unforgettable restaurant experience? 

Great question. The lasagna at Da Silvano in New York is absurd. I'm not sure whether I was just starving or it really was purely divine but it definitely left a good mark. Sorrelina here in Boston is another where I never eat a bad meal. Same with House in San Francisco. I dream about their simplest appetizer, pickled cucumbers and my husband and I still talk about it 8 years later as one of the best. But my most craved food experiences are usually by way of food truck, Mexican dive bar or by these two hands. The funny thing is that most of my favorite meal memories also include my favorite people, my favorite moments or one helluva party. So there's that too.

Every home cook needs...

A wooden spoon.

Abby Cooking_ Whit Loft Studio

Any entrepreneurial advice?

Someone once told me to always hire people that are smarter than you. Give your business that gift. I thought that was kind of a clever outlook. It’s important to acknowledge that you aren't good at everything. Not even close. Sometimes the best investment is in hiring people that are good at the areas that you aren't.

How do you add sweet touches to everyday experiences (the mantra of Caramelized)?

I put my kids to bed at 6:30pm. People think I'm joking, especially in the summer when it's still light out. But those 2 hours on the couch, computer in hand, hubby beside me, glass of wine on the table and the TV playing Homeland or Shameless or Orange is the New Black. Priceless.

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