Better than Pie Pecans

IMG_3842 "Established in 1981. Craved ever since."

Billie's Pecans' slogan speaks to me. I've been constantly craving the chocolaty, nutty goodness of Stacy Crenshaw's handmade wonders ever since the sampler box miraculously arrived on my doorstep on National Chocolate-Covered Nut Day. Yes, the holiday exists -- as if I coincidentally needed an excuse to treat myself.


Since tin seems to be the history "norm" in pecan packaging, I really enjoyed the crisp, white paper box that carries an assortment of milk, dark, chocolate amaretto, and praline covered pecans. I was most amused by the decadent chocolate amaretto flavor, which offers a small punch of almond-flavor Italian liqueur to finish. Unbelievable. Smaller bags were delivered with Billie's signature cinnamon-spiced pecans. I'm saving these to top a cheesecake or baked treat of some sort...


Every single homegrown pecan is baked, sugared, and shipped worldwide out of a Main Street shop in Crenshaw, Mississippi. The Southern authenticity, while expected, turns a treat into a treasure. I'm impressed with the family's ability to balance growth in product and distribution without jeopardizing the core values of quality and family. It's rare and, to me, truly admirable.

So, I want you to try them and begin craving them, too. How does that sound?

And guess what? Billie's wants to offer us a deal! This March, my first 50 orders of $40 or more will receive $10 off their entire order. Enter discount code CB10 at checkout. Hello, corporate gifts, party favors, or simple pick-me-ups!

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