Olivia (Austin)

IMG_3730 I placed Olivia on the Brunch section of my Austin city guide because, case in point, it has mastered the "New American," French-inspired brunch menu. Sweet or savory, light or rich, hot or cold; you'll find what you want here.


Our larger party ordered quite the variety on the patio and practiced the good 'ole taste-and-pass method so that everyone could get a bite.

I ordered the spinach florentine with prosciutto. Hello, beautiful presentation! The spinach overwhelmed the biscuit a bit, making it soggy rather than flaky and buttery. But the poached eggs were perfect, and the side of grapefruit brûlée was divine (Think crystals of sugar glazed atop juicy grapefruit segments). I will buy a torch just for my future grapefruit halves at home.


You can't go wrong with the vanilla french toast, lightly sugared with a vanilla syrup. The thinly sliced green apples were a nice crunch atop the pillowy toast halves. The sides of bacon were less crispy than I prefer, though the portions were mighty generous.


The salmon plate was the winner in my book! A gorgeous wood tray held smoked salmon, capers, whipped cream cheese, and the works. The lemon zest sprinkled atop the platter was my favorite part; It brought out so much flavor in the other components. The toast was crisp and dense enough to carry the salmon. Delicious!

I heard from across the table that the soft shell carb benedict was as tasty as it was perfectly presented. Radishes, carrots, and greens from the restaurant's garden studded the plate with just enough pops of color.