Belly Acres (Memphis)


IMG_3383 It's time to write about my new favorite gourmet burger spot in Memphis, Tennessee. Note the keyword: gourmet. We know Huey's has mastered a fantastic patty and bun (for 45 years now!), though a new burger has stepped up in town for its creative edge and "citified farm fresh" style.

Personally, I'm all about the toppings. My now sixteen-year-old sister routinely orders her burger (no matter the location) as "a burger, plain, no bun, no toppings, just the meat, with ketchup on the side."

I love you, Julia; but, no.


At Belly Acres, signature burgers are celebrated. The topping combinations create tantalizing titles from "Dare Ya" (and "Double Dare Ya") to "Voodoo Moo Moo."

Upon my first visit, I ordered "The Cure:" a housemade brioche bun held a grass-fed beef patty with smoked gouda, braised tomatoes, sauteed onions, and acre sauce. Rich, but curing, indeed.


If you're undecisive, you can "tour the acres" by creating your own concoction. Yet in my opinion, Belly Acres provides a pre-selected option for any type of eater. Chicken or turkey burgers are available, as well as vegetarian options "from the garden" -- Even a black eyed pea burger is offered. My coworker and I were very impressed withe Yellow Fin Tuna burger with wasabi mayo and cucumber salad. Fresh and fantastic.


And, oh, the sides. Plan accordingly with your party, as my office accidentally ordered three table-size fries and looked as if we were applying for the television series "Man vs. Food." If you are a fried pickles fan, Belly Acres prepares theirs extra thin and crispy, like a fancy, addictive potato chip. Order a batch of those while awaiting your burger.


The interior is essentially a farm version of Willy Wonka with a mesmerizing array of build-out; from watercolored cloud disks and a barn-esque open kitchen, to suspended barrel lighting and stacked television screens of trippy green grass designs. I applaud the design team for going with their gut. The restaurant's Overton Square location stands out amongst its well-established neighbors and burger joints around the area.

Belly Acres is family-friendly, large party-friendly, and friendly in general. I have highly enjoyed the customer care and speedy service -- and I believe you will too, Midtowners and greater Memphians.