The Dutch (New York)


It's Sunday, and I'm deeply missing the brunch experience of a lifetime at The Dutch NYC. This morning's protein shake cannot and will not ever compare to the cream cheese cinnamon roll and full oyster and raw bar, among other fine American bistro options. IMG_5075

Nestled in SoHo (my favorite neighborhood of the city), the swanky spot reminds me of an old-time American bar with country club-esque charm. The graphic and interior design are both fabulous. I almost loved the menu's design as much as the food in front of me.


My opinion of the restaurant was immediately validated when Neil Patrick Harris and his family arrived in the dining room in pastel Easter charm. I respected his family time and did not snap too many photos, though I especially enjoyed watching the twins in their respective bowtie and blonde curls!

We ordered quite the array of items, which satisfied my family's extremely diverse palates.


The raw, plump oysters with shredded horseradish and housemade hot sauce were a no-brainer. Mom took it up a notch by requesting the addition of crab to the platter. I washed mine down with a grapefruit mimosa, though the spicy bloody mary to my left accompanied the salty starters well.


I enjoyed a light entrée of beet salad -- a burrata burrito, if you will -- which held creamy pockets of burrata cheese with a crunchy pistachio sprinkle, root shavings, and a fine vinaigrette.


The cornmeal pancake short stack was appropriately loaded with hot blueberry compote. I enjoyed the change of pace from typical pancake ingredients; the grittier version of cornmeal added a complexity that still hasn't left my taste buds.


The farro and mushroom salad was brilliantly constructed. Layers of pesto, broccoli, farro (a barley-like wheat) and wild mushrooms were topped with snow-like parmesan, bringing the entire dish together.

And, of course, the Dutch burger (not pictured) was epic in itself. Home-style potatoes and fries accompanied, leaving us fantastically full. I'm so into The Dutch. So is Neil Patrick Harris. So add it to your list.