How to Sweeten Mother's Day

Let's be honest: By this point, FedEx overnight shipping might be your only savior for Sunday's festivities in honor of Mom. Rather than stress out over elaborate packages, sweeten up the day with little gestures of equivalent (if not greater) value. 11223efc7b522619ed448328a0777012

Here are a few ideas:

1. Grab some tea bags and fresh lavender from your local market. Place them in small canvas packs and pop them in a Paper & Clay mug (which you can buy this Saturday at her studio pop-up!) for ultimate presentation. A little jar of Nature Nate's honey won't hurt, either.

2. Pick up a bouquet of peonies while you're grabbing morning coffee on the way to your mother's house. City & State will have a floral pop-up on Sunday, if you're in Memphis!

3. Skip the restaurant reservation. Make something memorable in the kitchen.

4. Cinnamon rolls. Just because.

5. Do not buy a clever card from Target, unless you feel like stressing yourself out for 20 minutes in the aisle with an attempt to find one that matches your unique mother perfectly. Just get a pretty piece of stationery and simply write. Write more than, "Happy Mother's Day! Love, Cara." Write why she means something to you!

6. Hug her. Many, many times over.

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