Rosemary Wreath Tags

Looking for a last-minute DIY element to elevate your Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas morning brunch? Enter the itty-bitty, extra adorable wreath tag made with bundles of rosemary and grapevine. I truly believe that the extra effort will provide unmatched value at the dinner table or cocktail party, and the compliments will overwhelm you! Because who doesn't love a mini version of a holiday classic? Each tag takes only a moment to pull together for either the base of a champagne flute or atop a linen napkin at the table. Follow along for simple instructions, and share your Christmas creations on social media by tagging Caramelized! Happy holiday week, y'all.

Mini grapevine wreaths or wrapped brown cord Bunch of fresh rosemary and leftover greenery Floral wire Wire cutters Twine Hand written name cards (optional)

1. Cut rosemary stems and floral wire into 3-inch pieces.

2. Wedge the bottom of the rosemary into the "wreath," wrapping the rosemary around the curve and securing with a piece of floral wire. Add more greenery, if desired. Trim excess wire.

3. If securing to a flute or wine glass, cut a gap in the wreath with wire cutters and retie with twine or wire. If using atop a place setting, simply place wreath on linen napkin.

4. Tie name tags to each wreath with a piece of twine. Repeat for each guest.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 1.28.36 PM