The Eleven Best Dishes of 2015

The annual summary of irreplaceable dishes continues. Though I initially thought last year's list was tough to beat, this year's new offerings (particularly in my hometown of Memphis) absolutely surpassed my expectations. From pasta and pancake to tamale and toast, I clearly indulged in 2015. Did you too, I hope? What were your favorite dishes of the year? Share on social media with #caramelizedblog, or comment below.

1. Gold Coast Benedict from Ralph Lauren Restaurant (Chicago).

2. Avocado Toast from St. Roch Market (New Orleans).

3. Short stack from The Second Line (Memphis).

4. Birthday ice cream sandwich from Launderette (Austin).


5. Crab claws from Hog & Hominy (Memphis).


6. Fried cauliflower from Bounty on Broad (Memphis).

7. Tamales from La Tianita (Puerto Vallarta).


8. Beef bourguignon from James Lee House (Memphis).

9. Crab toast from ABC Kitchen (New York).

10. Pad Thai from Pranom Pop-Up at the Tennessee Brewery.

11. Wild mushroom pasta from Ecco (Memphis).