Dark Chocolate Stirrers

This month's thematic elements of luxury and romance hand us the excuse (and undeniable desire) to consume and covet an unnatural amount of chocolate. I'm rarely inclined to pine over a box of unrecognizable flavor-filled chocolates, but I've found that using the sweet as an additive to dessert, drinks or snacks makes the ingredient totally acceptable. Right?

During my weekly visit to the brand new (and absolutely beautiful) Whole Foods Germantown, a few bars of whole trade organic dark chocolate somehow landed in my cart. Upon reading the label, I learned that Whole Foods' whole trade program was created to honor its commitment to ethical trade, wages and working conditions. The products--including my new chocolates--are sourced in an environmentally-conscious approach.

So, what to do with them? I melted down the chocolate varieties and created an assortment of handmade chocolate stirrers with spoons on-hand. You can use paper spoons if you prefer to wrap them in cellophane as a gift! Miscellaneous pantry products adorned each spoon, from sweetened shredded coconut to pecans and dried cranberries.

This weekend, when temperatures will cool down to the twenties, I'll warm up a mug of almond milk and stir in a chocolate spoonful. Join me, why don't you?

This post is made possible by Whole Foods Germantown. Thank you for being supportive of my sponsors!