How to Keep a Clean Kitchen All Summer Long


Cara_Melized-159 copy It's inevitable -- one of the biggest entertaining "fears" of our time is the post-meal process of clean-up. We're supposed to be the hostesses who can juggle prep, presentation, and conversation all at once, right? Now as a homeowner, I have a whole new respect for my mom's graceful -- if not effortless -- portrayal of dishes and miscellaneous dinner duties while growing up. And thanks to So Fresh and So Green Clean, I understand how simple and cerebral the concept of post-party cleanup can be.

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The Memphis-based green product line was created by an adorable couple who has specialized in housekeeping for five years. For owner Lauren Parks, her company is not just about cleaning houses; it's about making someone else's life just a bit easier.

Realizing that some "natural" cleaning products contain quite a few undesirable ingredients, Lauren and her husband Andrew decided to create their own organic products with only pure essential oils that have a cleaning purpose. All of the So Fresh and So Green products are handmade in small batches—even the Castile soap that goes into them.

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I picked up their "everything," "stone" and "glass" bottles last weekend at the Farmers Market, where the Parks family now sets up shop every other Saturday. Andrew threw in the castile and avocado soaps, too, which my guests now enjoy in the bathroom off of the kitchen.

After a Sunday evening garden party-inspired dinner, where we choose to picnic on pillows around the lucite coffee table, I gave the "glass" spray a whirl. Stains instantly vanished without one visible streak, and the mint aroma was far more enjoyable than the typical Clorox wipe. I think I'll have to forego the back-up fragrance spray, since these products manage to clean and perfume the room.

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The "stone" bottle has become my new best friend for the marble countertops, which require careful attention throughout the cooking and serving process. A splash of coffee or spilled crumbs from a cobbler can be wiped off in an instant, boasting a pure aroma of oregano.

And for those of you who simply don't want to decipher which bottle is appropriate, grab the "everything" spray, which works on...yes, everything. Citrus scented and full-proof tested, the orange label stands out and stands up to spills during dinner parties and cheese board-focused happy hours.

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Here's my kitchen hostess clean-up routine. What's yours? Check off the list with So Fresh and So Green Clean.

  • Wipe down counters with "stone" spray.
  • Wipe off wood table, the sink and cabinets with "everything" spray.
  • Don't forget the glass coffee table, where guests placed their tumblers and toothpicks. Spray with "glass" spray.
  • Discard leftover and expired party ingredients, and wipe down shelves with "everything" spray.
  • Empty trash.
  • Wash your hands with castile soap.
  • Pat yourself on the back.
  • Plan your next summer fête.

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This post is brought to you by So Fresh and So Green and Christen Jones Photography. Thank you for being supportive of my sponsors!