Last-Minute Thanksgiving Tablescape Tutorial

Happy almost Thanksgiving, where expanding waistbands are warranted and kitchen space has never felt so sacrificed.

As you enter head-first into food prep, don't forget about the table; for I believe the presentation of the plate is just as memorable as the first bite from the buffet!

Follow my steps for a seamless and stylish Thanksgiving table. This approachable and ever-so-elegant Thanksgiving setting will put your guests in a relaxed and thankful frame of mind.

1. Pick up a box of freshly baked cornbread muffins or mini loaves from the store or nearby bakery. (The sweet, holiday-appropriate snack can kick off your dinner or supplement the spread at hand.)

2. Grab a long wooden baguette tray for the center of your table. Fill with succulents and white pumpkins. Tuck in a border of Magnolia leaves from the neighbor's tree.

3. Place a natural linen placemat at each spot. Center a crisp white plate, anchored by a gold flatware set.

4. Nest a cornbread muffin in a natural linen napkin with a sprig of fresh herbs -- either rosemary, thyme or sage.

Photos by Micki Martin. Originally featured in StyleBlueprint.