Officially Introducing the Caramelized Supper Club

One quiet morning on a plane in March, the idea clicked.

Let's turn inspiration into reality. Let's put Caramelized on doorsteps rather than just desktops.

The concept of the Caramelized Supper Club was born: a "dinner party in a box" subscription service with all the Caramelized-approved fixings for an intimate candlelit dinner or friendly fête. From recipes and grocery lists to wine pairings and proper table decor, a Caramelized experience could now conveniently come to life in your own home.

In merely 45 days through Kickstarter, the Caramelized Supper Club transformed from a projected dream to a promising reality.

Thanks to 175 financial commitments and building support from thousands of followers, 2017 will now capture memorable meals upon hundreds of (well-decorated) tables across the country.

The Caramelized Supper Club platform will be an additional component to the Caramelized experience, which I hope you will continue to follow and use online.

This is only the beginning, friends. Join me for the ride!