Drip Affogato Bar

My affogato adventure marked the climax of my mid-week Christmas getaway to New Orleans. Drip, the affogato bar of your dreams, opened its doors just months ago across from the swanky Ace Hotel (and Memphis-owned Josephine Estelle).

I met Drip co-owner Juley Le for a catch-up and coffee...which quickly spiraled into a sprawling and stunning flight of ice creams and espressos.

The Drip establishment epitomizes the harmonious unity of locally-churned Creole Creamery ice cream and locally-roasted coffee blends. Its small square footage is perfect for a cozy coffee or ice cream date, and its minimalist yet mesmerizing details define the next best thing in Nola. A long bar top and row of clean banquette booths attract hipster caffeine addicts and families alike.

The combination is truly a match made in heaven (which, if you were looking, is located on Carondelet Street).

If you are unfamiliar with affogato, do not be ashamed. The Italian traditional dessert is defined by a scoop of gelato drowned in espresso. Drip brilliantly revamps the meaning, adding modern tones like matcha green tea powder and dark chicory to a palette of aesthetically pleasing chocolate and espresso flavors.

The other brilliant piece behind the tiny, trendy shop is its flexible offerings with the two staple subjects. In need of a cup of joe before work? Drip's full-fledged espresso bar can brew the latte or cappuccino you've been craving, along with an optional pastry to-go. Rather, a simple afternoon scoop of stracciatella in a waffle cone might suit your fancy. A late night splurge is welcomed any evening.

But let's get to the Drip flight already...

The CLASSIQUE combination drowns a scoop of Tahitian vanilla bean amd crushed pistachios with a traditional French Truck Coffee espresso shot. Simple, elegant and ever-so soothing.

A MATCHA, MATCHA makes every day brighter; the trendy bold matcha tea pours over a green tea ice cream with toasted coconuts and a Pocky stick. Playful, rich and undeniably refreshing,

The bold VIETNAMESE combo made our hearts sing; the favorite of our table's, a signature stracciatella scoop gets a wake-up call from dark chicory coffee and a drizzle of condensed milk for balance.

And for the chocolate lovers, meet the COOKIE MONSTER. The pour-over of choice is a rich hot chocolate, covering Mexican hot chocolate ice cream, cookie crumbles and chocolate syrup. Very nice to meet you, indeed.

Your next trip down to New Orleans should prioritize this sweet shop. Though a bold claim, I must say: I'd choose Drip over powdered sugar beignets any day.