2017 in Review


The final week of December has been quiet, calm, slow. Rare. I've given myself the time necessary to reflect and refocus, pause and prioritize—a challenging practice for my preferred pace, but much, much needed.

That being said, this year has been huuuuuuuge.

Local accolades and pinch-me-moment national features were celebrated, and Caramelized Supper Club gatherings were captured from New York to Los Angeles. Boxes were designed, sourced and fulfilled, shipped and shared. I relished in the creative opportunity and am so grateful to the 145 supporters who made the one-year experiment possible.

Meanwhile, Alex and I got married, welcomed #caramelizedpup, and traveled to over one dozen destinations to gather inspiration for both our home and yours. He has been my rock, a source of patience and humor and peace. My parents also get major credit, as their rabbi and wedding planner careers not only made our marriage possible, but their daily selflessness to lend us a hand—to me, Alex, and Sawyer—also keeps our full-plate schedules sane. My fourth year at DCA is flying faster than I thought possible—My office backed me through every crazy venture, giving me the space to grow and learn, fail and celebrate. I won't ever take their support for granted.

What has been extra gratifying, however, was the ability to share a taste of Caramelized with all of you both digitally and tangibly.

Together this year, we've shared exactly (coincidentally) 100 blog posts of dishes, tablescapes and city guides. We've chatted on Instagram through photos and videos, swapped recipes and restaurant recommendations, and relented together regarding Sawyer's puppy cuteness.

I’m so thankful for each and every one of you in this amazing community—the support and encouragement that you've brought to my life this year is beyond appreciated.

Happy new year—I can't wait to share 2018 with you!