The Stratton House Staycation


Located in the heart of the historic Collierville district, nestled beneath century-old magnolias, The Stratton House is one of the town's oldest and most historic homes...and it's, by far, one of the finest.

An homage to tradition with refined modern finishes by York Binkley Interior Design, the staycation destination encapsulated romance and elegance. As described on Instagram, I felt as if Alex and I had traveled back in time, entering the set of The Notebook.

The Stratton House was left mostly untouched for over one hundred years until 2015, when current owners Katie and Hampton Parr (Dr. Stratton’s great-great-great grandson) embarked on a major renovation project to preserve the home's historic character while adding modern details to its charm.

Upon arriving right before sunset, our darling innkeeper Jean gave a fascinating tour of the Stratton House, nodding to stories of the home's original owners and hobbies from backyard root gardening to piano playing. Alex and I were soon-after offered complimentary wine and parmesan crisps to enjoy on the expansive front porch. The sunset was stunning, and the setting felt truly unparalleled.

Situated in the front of the house with beautiful, large windows overlooking the front porch and magnolia trees, our room held a majestic king-sized bed with the coziest of fabrics, original oak floors and a gas fireplace (a perfect way to end the evening).

The timing felt truly perfect. Of course, Valentine's Day was approaching, but Alex and I also chose the staycation three weeks before our wedding day. The serene getaway was very-much needed before an exciting but exhausting pre-wedding to-do list over the course of February.

Our leisure and luxury continued after happy hour with a stroll to the Square, which we counted less than one hundred steps away from the Stratton House!

Progressive dinner began at 148 North, opened just months ago by Chef Brian Thurmond, most recently chef de cuisine of Restaurant Iris in Cooper Young. Its renovated space boasts large garage doors, an expansive bar area, and a fairly open, lit dining room filled to the brim with locals.

Just one hundred steps further ahead sits the new Mac Edwards gold mine Brooks Pharm2Fork, a cozy spot on the Square with can't-beat produce and seasonal specialties, and a buzzing crowd and staff. Alex and I began with a caprese, boasting the best tomatoes in town with a housemade burrata and bed of basil. Then, I indulged in a juicy ribeye with green beans and asparagus; Alex savored scallops with a cauliflower mash.

The next morning, we awoke to a self-serve coffee set-up in the nearby darling breakfast room. Alex popped in to grab me a mug and himself a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice. He also caught eye of the croissants baking away in the oven...We could smell the butter from our bedroom, it seemed!

The quiet, slow morning brought so much satisfaction, as I could not grab my laptop (I left it at home) and, instead, simply had the choice to sit and be. I slipped on my cozy robe while sipping the caffeine and listening to the graceful raindrops on the window.

Nine o'clock called for breakfast, gracefully served buffet-style with owner Katie Parr's granola recipe with yogurt and blueberries, a buttery flaky quiche, and rich chocolate croissants. The orange juice and coffee were non-regretfully refilled over and over again over sweet conversation with the other Stratton House guests.

Upon clearing the table, we packed our overnight bag to head back Downtown. The thirty-minute drive home was bittersweet, to say the least, though we know we'll be back in Collierville square as soon as possible!

Thank you to The Stratton House for their generous hospitality. All opinions are my own.