Behind the Scenes of a Bloglovin' Dinner Party


I have had the pleasure of getting to know the Brooklyn-based team behind Bloglovin', a brilliant curator and platform to create personalized blog feeds with daily content. Each morning, I read up on a dozen of my favorites -- from Camille Styles to The EveryGirl -- with just one scroll.

The site and I recently collaborated for an Instagram takeover, where I walked followers through a Caramelized Supper Club-inspired dinner party from prep to final presentation.

We thought it'd be fun to take you behind the scenes through beautiful photos by Emily Frazier. Follow along and set your dinner date!

The Garden District, an immaculate flower shop in the heart of East Memphis, helped me select some deep red and blush orchids to complement our menu. Picking among dozens of florals is one of the hardest tasks...especially since I wanted to pluck every single stem for myself!

The late winter menu began with a citrus kale salad and cheese board spread, followed by red quinoa with blistered shrimps and zucchinis.

Moments before our friends arrived, I lit the candles while Alex opened the wine. We couldn't imagine a better way to close out a relaxed weekend in our Downtown Memphis neighborhood.

Cheers! And thanks to Bloglovin' for the fun opportunity!