York Binkley Bedroom Upgrade

Throughout college and early adulthood, I had always valued fine taste in interiors. I grew up binge-watching HGTV, attempting to replicate the sketches and floor plans of TV-famous designer personalities. However, I had never come to appreciate the value of investment in a space in which we spend more time than anywhere else (other than our work desks on occasion): the bedroom.

Enter York Binkley Interior Design. An acquaintance upon moving back to Memphis a few years ago, Ashley Binkley and I quickly developed a friendship where rosé was required at all design consultations and conversations rarely revolved around topics other than food and wine and design. Her sense for detail is innate and truly inimitable. Her portfolio in Memphis includes the finest of homes, offices and hotels; and it has rapidly spread from our town to Dallas and Oxford and the like.

Over lunch one day at Ecco on Overton Park, Ashley compared investment in a furniture piece to investment in a lifelong handbag. And admittedly, at that point, it instantly clicked.

Enter my dream bedroom, transformed just days before Alex and I tied the knot.

Ashley's custom fabric combinations and texture treatments make the space cozy and neutral, masculine (enough) yet dainty (as I prefer). I'm obsessed with the brass and glass lamp choices, which compliment my grandparents' heirloom painting and float delicately above simple IKEA nightstands.

Enjoy the gallery!