Poké Bowl Bar


The Hawaiian poke (pronounced “poh-ké”) bowl has been part of Hawaiian culinary tradition for centuries, but the trend is now taking off through fast-casual pop-up poke spots from LA to NYC. And now, it's about to pop up in your dining room!

Poke bowls are all about showcasing the gorgeous and colorful vegetables and freshly caught fish around the islands. The process is pure: chop raw, just-caught seafood and mix with fresh vegetables and spices. Think a deconstructed sushi roll, eh?

Begin with a provided bamboo boat of greens tossed in rice vinegar or short grain rice. Next, cube your fatty sushi-grade fish -- I recommend ahi tuna and salmon -- and sprinkle on top. And for the Caramelized Supper Club, put out bowls of sliced produce for guests to grab and garnish. These can range from mango and avocado to cucumber and carrot. Take a crunchy piece of seaweed, the provided black sesame seeds, and some sesame oil + sriracha for the final touches.

Review my grocery list here to make sure you have all of your necessary ingredients!