Mama Gaia (Memphis)

Memphis, meet your organic heaven on Earth.

But really, meet your newfound Mother Earth, translated to ancient Greek as Mama GaiaMemphis' hot new healthy eatery in the heart of the city.

Mama Gaia sits on the ground floor loading dock of Crosstown Concourse, Memphis’s recently restored 1 million-square-foot Sears factory, now a mixed-use, vertical village with apartments, retail, and corporate offices.

And like its Crosstown setting, Mama Gaia restores and reinvents the roots of a wholesome, healthy lifestyle. The menu is 100% organic and vegetarian; and while that label may rule out preferences of some, the offerings are exceptionally pure and fulfilling.

We hear many eateries tote the "fast-food" moniker, but Mama Gaia holds its brand promise to the highest standard. Just because it isn't a Big Mac doesn't mean it can't arrive at your table in under 10 minutes with all organic ingredients and perfected seasonings/sauces by Memphis transplant founders Philipp and Cru von Holtzendorff-Fehling!

Philipp and Cru bring their backgrounds in corporate marketing and international culinary mastery to Mama Gaia, the mecca of their healthy and sustainable food philosophy.

Cru's curated recipes, which feature worldly flavors from Asia and the Mediterranean, arrive in fast-casual form as salads, pitas, petitzzas, or bowls. I'm personally a huge fan of the asian salad, which boasts oversized cubes of sesame-encrusted tofu over crisp romaine. I hear it's fantastic in pita form, as well. Oh, and the baked potato fries with homemade ketchup are a must.

Though the restaurant is currently only open until 7 p.m., late summertime sunsets allow for sweet early dinners on the patio with neighborly company and a bottle of white wine (which you can bring yourself at no charge).

Enjoy and indulge at Mama Gaia.

Photo by StyleBlueprint

Photo by StyleBlueprint