Halloween Candy "Charcuterie" Board


Any guest of mine can expect a cheese and charcuterie board on my buffet or coffee table, no matter the party size. The communal appetizer is standard, and its flavor profiles vary by the season. Yet with Halloween around the corner, I jokingly threw around the idea to replace goat cheese and prosciutto with white chocolate drops and pecan brittle. My classic Halloween party centerpiece was thus founded, thanks to the experts at 116-year-old Dinstuhl’s, whose brittles and barks and all things chocolate created a picturesque board display.


The characteristics of a candy board and charcuterie board are one in the same; it’s all about balance of colors, textures, shapes, and flavors. The anchor of my Halloween display was a handmade Dinstuhl’s chocolate pumpkin; I doted the display with more chocolates including classic “D” adorned solid dark and milk chocolates, chocolate covered graham crackers (with an adorable sugared pumpkin garnish), and chocolate cherry cordials.

White chocolate drops reminded me of little crackers, lining our perimeter of the wood board. And to offset the rich milk chocolates, I grabbed sour gummy pumpkins and sweet grapefruit gummies for a tangy candy contrast.

Dinstuhl’s signature cashew crunch and pecan brittles added nutty notes to the mix, sweet and salty just as Halloween should be! Lastly, pumpkin pie-flavored almonds brought in classic nude and orange holiday colors to tie in our evening’s decor.


Whether you choose to place it on your coffee table, the center of your dining room table, or next to the bar cart, your guests will be thrilled!! We poured bourbons and cider in copper cups and mugs to further add a classy version of Halloween orange to the space.

For any leftovers at the end of the night, you can always pass out mini paper bags for guests to label and late-night “trick or treat”!


This post is brought to you by Dinstuhl’s Fine Candy Co. Thank you for being supportive of my sponsors!