Muscadine & Mozzarella Caprese


If you follow my recipes regularly, you probably notice that I grocery shop first and foremost with my eyes. Unless on a mission for a particular pinned recipe or staple for our fridge, I wander through the aisles on Sundays, plucking produce or packaging that catches my eye.

My recipes, while simple, highlight the ingredients I grab and exclaim to myself, this this what I’m going create a dish out of.

Caprese is traditionally tomato and mozzarella, but the red round produce can easily be replaced in my opinion! Try it out, and enjoy the sweet and tart punch that a tomato alternative brings to the table.

Photography by Annabella Charles | Dishes by Paper & Clay


1 pound fresh mozzarella, sliced
8 ounces muscadine grapes (or regular purple grapes), halved
1 small package of microgreens, to garnish
Balsamic reduction, to garnish
Maldon sea salt
Black pepper

1. Artfully and imperfectly arrange mozzarella and grapes in a pattern along the center of a serving piece.

2. Drizzle balsamic reduction vertically atop the cheese and fruit. Cluster microgreens throughout the salad. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.