Summer Skincare Supplements


Sunny summer days are a highlight of the season, especially when spent relaxing by the pool with a drink in hand or while lying carefree on a white, sandy beach (counting down until our Florida family trip in July!). However, to make sure we can enjoy this unwinding bliss the right way, we must protect our skin.

Since last month in light of my 26th birthday's self-care resolutions, I've begun skincare treatment and product routines with Maria Miller at LaBella Skin Bar, and the results so far have truthfully exceeded my once-frustrated, acne-prone situation. Maria has routinely practiced an intraceuticals oxygen facial with collagen and peels, which collectively create such glowing skin and far fewer breakouts. My Dr. Dennis Gross products, especially the daily peel wipes, have been a total game-changer in the mornings.

In light of the sunniest time of year, here are some more helpful skincare tips provided by LaBella Skin Bar to live by this summer:


1. Keep your Elta MD sunscreen close; it's just the product to fight harmful sun-rays from dawn to dusk. Lightweight and moisturizing, its protection is proven.

2. When you’re soaking up the sun, baseball hats just won’t cut it for full protection of your face. Wide brim hats, however, are the way to go in order to best shield your face from sun damage. This textured woven straw hat from Anthropologie and Free People summer breeze straw hat are adorable and affordable options.


3. Remember: Lips are important, too! All too often, the significance of lip protection is overlooked. Eminence Citrus Lip Balm can finally step in as your lip-saving hero.  Its metallic lid is gorgeous for your vanity countertop.

4. Want a refreshing summer snack that also hydrates your skin? Watermelon or cantaloupe will satisfy your sweet tooth and fruit cravings. while also getting plenty of antioxidants and hydration to make your skin look absolutely radiant. Try these prosciutto and melon skewers – perfect for any summer get-together.


5. If you’re not into getting those sun rays but still want to be tan, LaBella thankfully has a solution! Try the all-natural sunless tanner. Not only will it make your skin a nice glowing bronze, but it is also made with beneficial antioxidants and pure botanicals.

This post is brought to you by La Bella Skin Bar. Thank you for being supportive of my sponsors!