The 10 Kitchen & Home Products I Wish I Registered For


Believe it or not, Alex and I will celebrate our second wedding anniversary in early March. Though I attest my passions for kitchen and home goods are not of typical fashion, I have learned (through many entertaining scenarios and years with Alex ) the necessities to get me through both a stellar party and a cozy space for two. My ongoing partnership with Bella Vita has introduced me to photogenic and functional pieces that I wish I had known about upon getting engaged three years ago.

When you register for your wedding at the store, the benefits never seem to end; from a dedicated bridal consultant and custom online registry, to discounts on hostess gifts and bridal party PJ Harlow sleepwear, you’re taken care of at Bella Vita and then some!

I’ve compiled a coveted list of ten items below that, yes, I wish I had registered for on my wedding spree. Maybe someone will sneak a hint to Alex for an anniversary gift…a girl can always dream! Scroll and shop my favorites.

P.S. Come meet me to see all of these products and dozens more at the grand opening of Bella Vita’s new store in Germantown on Saturday, March 2!


You’ve seen these in a series of recent entertaining features, from Cinco de Mayo sangria to a cozy Valentine’s Day In scene. I am totally obsessed! These best-selling Etta B pottery stemless wine tumblers seamlessly tie together casual camaraderie with upscale sophistication. The microwave, dishwasher, and oven-safe line allows you to pour your favorite glass of wine, or perhaps a piping-hot mulled wine version during cold winter months. I’m a huge fan of the earthy tones; you have six glazes to choose between.


If you know me, you know that cheese board accessories are essential. And I will admit — when registering for my wedding, I totally skipped over the value of the little details to accompany the wood board! This set of three stainless steel knives is under $30 and full of character with sleek metal and wood-inspired textures.


Since I don’t have a wine fridge or separate bar area, I’ve learned the hard way — giving away the not-so-glamorous views of your refrigerator during an elegant dinner party can definitely kill the vibe. That being said, my girlfriends’ bottles of rosé would lack a long-term home throughout the meal, and sitting out on the countertop without proper chilling is a shame. Enter: the raw aluminum two-bottle wine cooler. Perfect for patio suppers or as the anchor of your indoor buffet, the functional display is a match made for a duo of your favorite beverages.


Named for its rustic appeal, Townhouse, the newest collection from Etta B Pottery, takes a modern twist from the line’s more traditional styles. Lightweight with clean lines, these beautiful pieces are dishwasher, oven and microwave safe! Game-changer compared to that fine china in the cabinet, am I right?


I’ve never been so in love with a line of bedding as Bella Note. Sure, it’s easy to overlook bedroom details since they’re less exposed than common areas of your home, but the layers of lace, linen and velvet are absolutely incredible. I used the custom line for a guest room re-do — as I shared in the post, I debated Alex and I switching rooms!


The raw linen, frayed-edge Graciella napkin is perfect for everyday use or special occasion entertaining! My wedding sets are sweet, but they lack the versatility that I think these provide. The light blue grey is my favorite, but a natural or ivory shade is available too.


The perfect party platter — meet him now. I own a circular dish with the dip center, but this version allows you to mix two or four options with natural dividers. Essential for your lazy Susan or coffee table, crudités and Mexican nights never looked so good!


Your delectable cheese courses, desserts and party appetizers won't be the only elements making a statement at your shindig! Serve tasteful treats in style with the country chic form found in this uniquely structured 19th century wooden trivet. I also love displaying it in the corner of countertop with a bottle of olive oil, salt and pepper and any other day-to-day spice essentials.


You’re using your bath towels daily, so why not pick the best? With exceptional strength, quality and softness, these linens are made from 100% Egyptian Cotton Giza (Extra Long Staple), arguably the best cotton in the world. The “truffle” of textiles, Egyptian Cotton Giza is a rarity. Helloooo luxury!


A cheese board extravaganza is calling your name upon this large bread board. If anything, I’ve learned that with more years of marriage comes more excuses to grow the volume of cheese, charcuterie and accoutrements. For days off from the dairy, this piece serves as a gorgeous centerpiece with a line of lemons or mini vases spread across the base. Of course, per the product’s name, a beautiful baguette wouldn’t hurt either.

This post is brought to you by Bella Vita. Thank you for being supportive of my sponsors!