A Springtime Getaway in New York City


I recently returned from a weekend trip to New York, the city whose pulse is contagious and energy is insurmountable.

My tips to maximizing a trip to NYC still hold true, especially during a sweet springtime visit. This time, I must indulge you in the food and lifestyle details of our travels that can hopefully inspire yours!

Let me know what I should try next time in the comments…and if you try one of these details for yourself, be sure to post a photo on Instagram and tag #caramelizedtravels.




As much as I’d love to repeat my favorite New York establishments, I rarely do — unless it’s Sadelle’s (keep scrolling for the infamous tower!). I must take advantage of New York’s new and fresh concepts!

At the top of our list was Misi in Brooklyn, which naturally this first stop after La Guardia Airport. I entered heaven upon tasting its antipasti and pasta dishes, all shared family-style with a peripheral view of six pasta artists swirling and shaping Chef Missy Robbins’ perfected pasta dough. The pillowy clouds of piped ricotta on house-made crostini were extremely rich and beautifully paired aside green vegetables such as artichoke hearts and beans. Then, we tried six out of eight pastas, each of which boasted a flavor profile of indescribable complexity balanced with such visual simplicity. We were also graciously treated to a every flavor of gelato by ownership. The pistachio and espresso flavors were to die for; the olive oil flavor was fascinating and still remains with me!

Another remarkable meal was Avra on 60th. An upscale Mediterranean fine dining destination, Avra’s interactive approach was a total highlight. My brother and I jokingly offered to represent the table and “go fishing,” following our waiter to a beautiful display of live lobsters, langostines, and fresh fish from all over the world. We’d pick our favorites, they’d pan sear them perfectly and finish in butter, salt and lemon; and we’d finish every single bite (no joke).




I aim to make the most of every vacation, waking up early and non-stop absorbing the culture and experiences of the city around me — but, I do think we all agree that coming “home” to a comfortable, convenient and amenity-filled space is totally ideal.

Luckily for us, we experienced the luxury of a Midtown, 2-bedroom apartment just blocks from Central Park and Times Square. Owned by Memphians seeking a destination for short-term or long-term Manhattan stays, the space is excellent for a family or two couples looking for a getaway. Located on the penthouse level, the bottom floor is common space only, featuring a spacious den and four-top, a private patio, and full kitchen. Up the stairs, we were in awe of the skylight and abundant natural light filling the rooms, one of which was a king bedroom and the other a queen.

Specifics are outlined below, but trust me — you need a place like this one on your next trip to the city.

New York Flyer_1.jpg
New York Flyer_2.jpg



Packing light for a weekend on-the-go is my preference, but it’s not always easy! Especially this time of year, I opt for light and breezy blouses with bottoms that either work day-to-night or don’t require too much space in the suitcase.

Oak Hall guided my strategy to ensure a carry-on could be filled with show-stopping pieces that were comfortable yet memorable.

A Rails linen set was simply perfect for a 6 a.m. Friday departure from Memphis; easy, breezy, and basic enough for the plane yet fashion-forward for a Brooklyn lunch. I paired mine with sneakers and a pair of Krewe sunnies.

My favorite transitional look was Saturday’s day-to-night duo (photographed below); a pair of ripped black Highline high-rise L’Agence jeans were my foundation from sunrise to bedtime. During the day, I rocked a Madeworn vintage Fleetwood Mac tee for miles. At night, I slipped on a precious Love Shack Fancy blouse with a pair of pumps and red Mignonne Gavogan statement earring.

One item I did not have to pack was a tube of mascara — Katie Hughes from Eden Spa applied the most eye-opening (literally!) set of eyelash extensions before our trip! Layered in record time, Katie’s work carried me through the weekend with minimal makeup needs and maximum effect on-camera! She also ensured I was bronzed just enough with an excellent spray tan.


This post is brought to you by Oak Hall, Eden Spa & Laser, and ownership of our NYC Midtown luxury apartment. Thank you for being supportive of my sponsors!