How to Pack like a Pro


Summer travel is in full swing! Watch and scroll to learn how to pack like a pro so your focus is less on the prep and more on experiencing a one-in-a-lifetime vacation….

Video by Erin Mosher

TIP #1: Pick a wardrobe color palette — And stick with it

While prescribing every single outfit is ideal, let’s be real; once you arrive at your destination, there’s a high chance you’ll feel pulled into a different direction. Maybe I shouldn’t be wearing jeans to this dinner? By pulling 3 tops, 4 bottoms, and 2 dresses for a weekend away that all align in color palettes and style, you’ll be able to mix and match spontaneously while away.

TIP #2: Plan your layers

Whether a denim jacket, scarf or breezy blazer, you’ll be glad you prepared for an unexpected cold front. What if your airplane suddenly becomes an arctic tundra? Do the temps drop after sundown? Will you be uncomfortable at the restaurant if the air is on full-blast? These questions can be alleviated with stylish outerwear.

TIP #3: You can’t go wrong with denim + tees

For me, it’s all about a denim and french-tucked tee. Dress up the duo with a blazer and heel or keep it casual with a sneaker, and you’ll never feel out of touch. I pack 2-3 tee colors for options; they take up such little room, you have no excuse not to find space in your suitcase!

TIP #4: Bring matching workout sets

Similar to Tip #1, a series of exercise sets that complement each other in color or style will allow you to mix and match without overthinking it. I especially adore Outdoor Voices’ tech sweat sets that can adapt to a more recreational walk or robust hike/bike.

TIP #5: Separate your sleepwear

I don’t know about you, but I find myself landing or driving in close to dinner time on most trips away. So after the first night out, when we return to our hotel, airbnb or friend’s home, I dread the concept of rummaging through my suitcase for PJs and a toothbrush. Keep your sleepwear in an easy-to-grab spot so you don’t have to think too hard at vacation’s starting point!

TIP #6: Order an Away suitcase

I had eyed the ads, Instagram testimonials and news articles for a couple of years before jumping — and I don’t know what took me so long! I purchased a Medium bag in sand for our Cuba and California adventures. The compartments and roomy sides are accommodating and practical beyond compare. I drank the Away kool-aid and encourage you to do the same.

TIP #7: Pack undergarments in pouches

Here’s my favorite tip — roll your undies in a little pouch and pop in a rolled-up second pouch for dirties, too. This way, you can separate used and unused undergarments on-the-go. I do the same for socks. It’s too easy and advantageous not to try!

TIP #8: Step into every shoe scenario

Whether for exercise, a city stroll, your evening destination, or the pool, you need variety. But this doesn’t mean you need a separate suitcase for shoes! Be thoughtful and efficient — and consider comfort. Lay your pairs along the bottom of one side of your suitcase; you’ll find a fairly flat surface available to place toiletry bags on top.

TIP #9: Accessories, accessories, accessories

While traveling, I keep my dainty jewels on 24/7 and only make room for statement pieces. A Tilton Street earring, Lele headband, and fabulous evening clutch comprise my recipe for stylish accessorizing (without overdoing it).

TIP #10: Don’t forget your chargers!


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