Meet Sawyer


Meet Tom "Sawyer" Shindler, the Sheepadoodle.

Photos by Christen Jones

Last Sunday, we brought home the fluffiest bundle of joy in the form of a sheepadoodle. The crossbreed of an English Sheep Dog and Poodle, our new pup will become into a 70-pound (non-shedding) white and grey mix. How Sawyer will grow into our tiny townhome? We'll see. For now, we're enjoying all growing pains involved.

Though Alex has owned dogs his entire life (and has begged for years for the chance to raise one with me), this concept was very foreign and fairly nerve-racking from my perspective. I had never before raised a puppy of my own.

However, upon walking into Hollywood Feed for a shopping spree with manager Krista last month, all anxieties subsided. The store's expert opinions, curated recommendations and proven solutions were easy-to-follow and the highest of quality.

Our shopping list items were selected with functional style and simplicity in mind. After walking from aisle to aisle in the Hollywood Feed Union store, we made decisions and set the pace for our puppy's arrival.

Here are a few of our selected starter items (We've already become those puppy parents who bought a dog chew toy last weekend while in Wilson, Arkansas at White's Mercantile...):

  • MISSISSIPPI MADE DAY BED: I selected a charcoal color to match the living room furniture suite. Sawyer has loved cuddling up in its curves with a chew toy in tow.
  • FROMM FAMILY DOG FOOD: We transitioned Sawyer's diet to this highly reputable brand of dog food. Naturally formulated with duck, chicken, lamb, whole eggs & real cheese with added vitamins & minerals, his meals are fulfilling alongside ours!
  • MISSISSIPPI MADE COLLAR + LEASH: The neutral canvas material is durable and stylishly made for a #caramelizedpup.
  • PLATO SMALL BITE TREATS: They don't smell and they look adorable in a mason jar (see photo above). Sawyer has eaten 'em up during week one's training.
  • HOLLYWOOD FEED WIRE CRATE: The key to the puppy-work balance is this baby. Sawyer stays in his crate throughout the day with consistent breaks and meals. We love the simplicity of this crate; set-up took five minutes and maintenance is fairly minimal.

We also can't wait to use Hollywood Feed's self-serve dog wash station with included towels, shampoo + conditioner, blow dryers, and brushes. Plus, we won't have to manage clean-up -- The shop takes care of it all

Get ready to see a whole lot more of this little guy; I promise to properly balance my food and puppy pics!

This post is sponsored by Hollywood Feed. Thank you for being supportive of my sponsors!