Tiny's no.five (Houston)

IMG_5899 This particularly lazy Sunday morning has invited me to curl up on the couch with coffee and reminisce on one of my favorite weekend brunches of all -- Tiny's No. 5 in Houston, Texas. Sure, it's been a few months; but I can still taste the citrusy white wine sangria and fresh-squeezed orange juice, and I can still feel the Spring sun on my skin while sitting at the perfectly groomed dining lawn.

I've learned from my friend Hannah that this spot is, by far, one of the most beautiful spaces and menus in the city. The hand-calligraphied chalkboard menu always shows an eclectic range for the traditional brunch-goer or funkier foodie. I struggled between the quinoa oatmeal and classic migas, so Hannah decided to pick one and I picked the other. I'm a big fan 0f strategizing at the table so that we can try multiple plates instead of limiting ourselves to one. It always seems to work out, especially in this case!


My migas were to-die-for delicious. My newfound love for sausage was satisfied, and the eggs were delightfully fluffy and well-seasoned. The tortilla strips and potato bites were crispy rather than soggy. I had to pick away a few fresh jalapeños (too much spice!), but their added color with the bold tomatillo salsa reflected the lush surrounding greenery.

Quinoa oatmeal was the runner-up, perhaps because its healthier disposition did not provide as many pops of flavor. Frankly, I think I just prefer regular oatmeal with brown sugar, almond milk and seasonal berries.  But you may notice the sweet potato fries in the top left corner of the bottom picture. . .they were almost as dangerous as the sinful chocolate chip cookies. The gooey-ness and chocolate-to-cookie ratio are so out of this world, that the restaurant limits customers to only six cookies per party. If you don't leave Tiny's with a cookie in tow, you're making a big mistake!


Enjoy your Sunday! And if you currently happen to be near this adorable restaurant, please know that I'm very, very jealous.