George's (Alys Beach)


George's is located in Alys Beach, a grecian-like neighborhood of beach houses with all white exteriors and unbelievable architecture. The angles and simplicity make me feel like I'm in Europe! George's is a tiny cafe right off the highway filled with a warm staff and small but satisfying menu. The left side of the menu is entitled "mis-be-have" for your sandwich with fries option, while the right side reads "be-have" for salads and the healthy works. The dishes, therefore, can make even the pickiest of eaters happy! And who cares about misbehaving when it comes to eating...right?!


thai beef and noodle salad
crab cake remoulade roll

Our family opted to try entrees from all over the menu. Dad got the famous grilled grouper sandwich that magazines say "you must eat before you die." Julia and her friend Dena got the best burger on 30A. I tried the crab cake remoulade roll with bacon. I ended up taking the remoulade off, but I really enjoyed the fried green tomato on top. Mom ordered the thai beef and noodle salad with avocado and mango. The thai peanut dressing was awesome - I could've ordered an extra side of it! We also got the G.A.S.P. (garlic, artichoke, sun-dried tomato, pesto) in a pita with a side of nutty kale cous cous with honey and almonds. Our plates were clean by the end of the hour!

warm chocolate goo with vanilla gelato
key lime pie
candy bar mini cake

But how could we ignore dessert...Julia insisted on the warm chocolate goo, which turned out to be a simply darn good brownie. The homemade key lime pie was a classic. My favorite was the candy bar mini cake. The owner, Anne, told us that she spent two full Sundays after tasting a similar dish in NYC. The cake consists of snickers, rolos, heath bar, oreo, and reese's.

Interested yet?! Good.