Passover Desserts


Get it? Passover?! I know you're smirking.

The Easter decor and recipes are all over the blogosphere, but my dear cousin in Florida reminded me that the Passover holiday is coming up this Monday evening.  Whoa!  I found this to be a fabulous opportunity to help y'all out with dessert ideas for large seders or a single sweet tooth.  I have compiled a list of my flourless favorites for you to try out this upcoming week.

P.S. If any of you readers are depressed about the lack of carbs in your life next week, go ahead and try some of my recipes that my rabbi father would not approve of on Monday.  I'm thinking tomato bruschetta, veggie quinoa fried "rice," half-the-guilt truffled mac & cheese, or my most recent black and blue berry crumb bars?  Dig in this weekend.

food 52's alice medrich's coconut macaroons
A quick and easy recipe that yields a beautiful result.  They're tasty with a piece of chocolate on top or without.
martha stewart's matzah s'mores
Great for the kid in all of us!  As Martha cleverly writes, "hide the matzah this Passover, and you might just find it under a marshmallow."

A flourless version of the decadent chocolate taste we all crave.  A side of a rich espresso glaze attracts the coffee-lovers, too!

Uhh, yum.  David (my Parisian expert idol, by the way) doesn't hesitate to bring out all the flavors, from vanilla extract and sea salt to a perfected toffee and chocolate covering.  Say bu-bye to dry matzah.

When a flourless chocolate cake is treated like a soufflé, the outcome is magical.  And the minty whipped cream makes all of the difference.  It's an eye-opening solution to any dessert, actually.