Pique-niques and Pastries


Since I am a food blogger, I've decided to center my travel tales around the meals and foodie experiences around Paris. I have only been here for four days, and this has been my eating pattern since arriving:

Café créme (Coffee with cream...the serving is half the size of a Starbucks tall. I have to adjust.)
Café créme

Was this unexpected? Psh, no way. However, our 22 hours of classes so far on Economics, International Marketing, and Globalization have distracted me from eating every pastry in sight. I am not going to bore you about our daily schedule of metro stops and classes (although our campus, ESCP Europe, is both architecturally and intellectually impressive!). 
On a side note, I will tell you that we had a breathtaking bus tour last night around Paris. I felt like we were constantly in circles because of the roundabouts, but I was in awe of the city's landscape and sites.  I'm still on a high from the beauty of this place. I hope to see as many gems as possible! Luckily, I can already cross the Eiffel Tower off my list (as you can see above).
But overall, I will highlight a few stories from a foodie and attempted-Parisian perspective I'm trying to achieve!
A picnic (also known as "pique-nique") was a must, Hannah and I agreed. The bridge next to our dorm leads to a running trail, so Hannah and I picked up groceries (the wine was the cheapest item, might I add) and headed toward the park. We picked a bench, set out our baguette, brie and olives, and people-watched in complete bliss. It was so nice to unwind after an overwhelming first day of class and final hints of jet lag!
After class yesterday, a few of us jumped on the metro to Champs Elysees to try the one-and-only Laduree. This place epitomizes elegance. I wish we could have stayed for tea, but the line for seating was over an hour long. I picked out vanilla, salted caramel and café macarons. Seriously: when everyone claims these are the best, they are telling you the truth. These were to die for. Next time, I'm ordering a pastry too.
Here's to many, many more macarons and memories!