Hog and Hominy Lunch (Memphis)

Oops. Maybe you've also noticed that I've already critiqued Hog & Hominy once last winter (here). The trendy Memphis restaurant, which was written up in the New York Times this summer, has become more and more of a favorite every time I enter. 
Why does it deserve a second round on Caramelized? Well, last week marked my first lunch visit with an almost entirely different menu. Also, the awesome hostess reads my blog and was sweet enough to compliment it. Thanks, Charlotte! Lastly, these pictures are just too good not to share.
Here is what Alex, Caroline and I took full advantage of on H&H's lunch menu:
The summer squash farmers side with brown butter, herbs and garlic. The multi-colored veggies were well roasted, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I couldn't get enough.

The Baia pizza. This pie reminded me more of a margherita than the menu's Margherita itself! Juicy cherry tomatoes were way better than a typical marinara spread, and huge slices of garlic added a pop to every bite. The chili oil, or olio santo, took this one up a notch in the spice category. We didn't leave one crumb on the tray.

I fell in a whole lotta love with my Lata Love sandwich. Shrimp, benton bacon, lettuce and tomato on super buttery bread. ORDER THIS, trust me. The shrimp tastes like lobster and the bacon is super crispy. My tip? Add fried egg. It enhances the sandwich by lightyears.
Make the most of your next lunch break, fellow Memphians!