Salty Sow (Austin)


I apologize for my lack of critiques these past few weeks. It seems as if I’m too busy eating to write…but alas, I promise to write about Austin’s local flavor; and what better way to begin with the acclaimed Salty Sow. The dark wood interiors and lively hostesses create a vibrant evening spot, perfect for a Friday night date with Alex during his last visit to Austin. It is equally well-known for its 7-days-a-week happy hour menu, which I’m looking forward to trying soon with Hannah Marlowe!

The wood farm tables serve as aesthetic pedestals for local ingredients, bold reds, and damn good pork. Coming from a rabbi’s daughter, this claim goes in the books.

You will not find a cheese & charcuterie plate like Salty Sow’s anywhere else. Salamis and prosciuttos are expected, but smoked salmon rillete and chicken liver mousse (reminded me of a trendier version of my mom’s chopped liver) additions were fascinating. The cheese selection was top-notch.

We ordered the tangy brussels sprout Caesar as a side dish, but it’s enough for a full entrée salad portion. I did not expect dried cranberries and pecorino or a tangy vinaigrette approach to the Caesar dressing, but I enjoyed the contrasts. Alex wished it had a more traditional approach, but I don’t think tradition is in Salty Sow’s vocabulary.

For the entrees, the braised pork shoulder rocked. I didn’t even need a knife. The white bean, escarole and pecorino base was lovely. Alex’s candied pork belly with soy balsamic syrup and collard greens was a massive steak cut. The dish was perfectly sweet and savory at the same time.

Here, you will not only get the most bang for your buck, but you will leave feeling full, content and super Austin-y. Nowhere speaks more local truths than this joint.