Be Intentional

A new month always seems to carry that invigorating realization of fresh opportunities and simultaneously frenzied scheduling. Frankly, I have been caught up in a mindset of nonstop commitments. School assignments and job-hunting are proving continuous, while blog growth and last minute traveling are fueling creative freedom. March, for me, will be the ultimate test for balance.
Sometimes, we need to take one step back to reevaluate and self-reflect on current perceptions and future expectations. With Caramelized, I have always attempted to make my form and content a priority in my daily routine. I constantly motivate myself (and am motivated by you) to keep stepping it up a notch, brainstorming innovative collaborations and providing a fresh frame of mind to seemingly monotonous habits. Of course, there are distractions in the mix, such as this past weekend’s Mardi Gras fest in New Orleans and an upcoming week-long trip to California and Mexico (with a Snap Kitchen juice cleanse in between!). But here I am to be intentional; to bring sweet touches and positive approaches to everyday experiences.
That’s right: you won’t find a scathing or snub restaurant review here. From the beginning, Caramelized has been about the sweet moments in life that fuel my readers, and me simultaneously. I write about what I love; so that’s what you’re going to get.

Let’s be intentional together. Thank you.
xo, Cara

**image via redbox magazine