Henri's Cheese and Wine (Austin)

Upon first glance, I fell in love with this quaint swiss-colored shop, a perfect reflection of the cheery, sunny skies up above. My motto these days always seems to be, "more cheese, please;" and yes, Henri's can handle that request. Henri's is the expert in the art of cheese and its complements--wine, charcuterie, breads, and the like.
The wine and cheese grocer and café hosts a wealth of options for an amateur or connoisseur. Sure, the selection seems overwhelming, yet the talented and friendly faces behind the counter display passion in every answer.

Since lunchtime was upon us, Alex and I selected sandwiches from the chalkboard menu to the left of the entrance. His BLT with avocado and aoili on grilled sourdough was pretty unreal, and the light arugula salad subdued the filling nature of most bacon sandwiches I have tried in the past. I was extremely impressed with the details, especially the champagne tossed vinaigrette.

Without a doubt, I went for a classic combination that manifests the art of cheese in pure and innocent delight. I ordered half of a gruyere grilled cheese special with caramelized onions and pear. The rich tomato bisque served as the ultimate foundation for skinny dipping my sandwich. To be honest, I wish I had ordered the other half of the grilled cheese!

I absolutely will be back soon for either a wine and charcuterie tasting in the evening, or perhaps their new monthly burger night! Hear the latest cheesy updates on their entertaining Facebook page.