A Caramelized Conversation with Ginnifer Goodwin


It is time to converse with a long-standing idol of mine -- the actress, soon-to-be momma and Los Angeles foodie Ginnifer Goodwin. Raised as a fellow Memphian before venturing off into Hollywood stardom (is anyone else also obsessed with her Gigi character in He's Just Not That Into You?), Ginny proves to be the truly grounded soul I've had the privilege to know, despite a recent whirlwind of paparazzi regarding a pregnancy and a wedding to her true Prince Charming, Josh Dallas (yes, both on and off screen). She is dainty while bold, witty and wise -- and she knows what she's talking about in the food category, too. While she is due to pop any moment now, I'm honored to have Ginnifer today on the blog for a lovely Caramelized Conversation... ginnifer_goodwin_and_josh_dall

What's your and Josh's "go-to" meal on set?

I suppose we don't have a "go-to." I usually bring last night's home cooked supper leftovers for lunch. I pack a salad, organic fruit, and cheese and crackers to snack on through our 16 1/2 hours of filming. Josh usually eats the production catering. If macaroni and cheese is being served, I indulge. And if I am on set when we hit the 12am mark on Friday, I throw a midnight pizza party for the cast and crew.

How about when you have time to cook at home together in LA?

We love any Sunday Roast from Jamie Oliver's cookbook FOOD REVOLUTION! When Josh is feeling under the weather, he requests Gramma's matzo ball soup.

Any amusing pregnancy cravings?

There were months during which I had to have jalapeños...on everything.

Let us in on your daily routine - Although I'm sure it's inconsistent with a show, wedding, and soon-to-arrive baby!

On a ONCE UPON A TIME day, we wake in Vancouver, British Columbia some time between 4 and 6am, drive to a studio or a rain-and-snow-capped mountain top, film until late into the night, cook dinner, sleep, and get up to do it all over again! Sometimes the whole schedule is flipped and we work graveyard shifts. Somehow, Josh squeezes in exercise. It's worth the grueling hours, but it's certainly not as glamorous as folks assume it to be!

Your most unforgettable restaurant experience?

I was going to say my childhood experiences at Benihana's left quite the impression, but Josh just told me that he once ate at a lucky-charms-adorned restaurant in London that served wildebeest, alligator, gold leaf, kangaroo, zebra, alpaca, meal worm, crickets, weaver ants, and locusts. I'll stick with Benihana's.

How do you add sweet touches to everyday experiences?

Josh surprises me often with a plucked flower. We believe that even carefully plating our meals makes them more special. I prefer that the little things around me make me smile (for instance, I put my hand soap in pretty pumps and make a very proper pot of loose leaf tea.) If you literally mean "sweet touches," I should add that I won't pass up a french macaroon.


Favorite summer cocktail?

I am not a big drinker, but I do adore a Hemingway daiquiri. Grapefruit juice? Yum.

How do you best balance your work and personal lives?

Real life always comes first. We have to say, "No" an awful lot in order to keep our home life sacred and its details private. Because of our insane work routine, we are careful not to over commit to social engagements or career-oriented events, that we may spend most of our free time together as a couple and family. I definitely work to live: I don't live to work!