Épicerie Desserts (Austin)


DSC_1176 I've been to the French-inspired grocery and café multiple times now, but Epicerie has not been featured enough for its rich pastries that I believe beat any bakery around. Luckily, I got to give each dessert a shot, and I am back with ratings that some might call predictable, but I call outstanding.


The chilled lemon tart is the perfect treat for a sunny summer afternoon. I am typically not the biggest lemon fan, but this mild citrus is more of an undertone than an overpowering ingredient. The buttery crust is light and flaky, and the consistency is delightfully smooth in every bite.


You won't find a classic New Orleans beignet anywhere else in Austin (Thank you, Chef!). Fully loaded with powdered sugar, which brings back memories of beignet fights in the French Quarter, these hot and crispy doughnuts are simply divine. Since they're made to order, the beignets melt the sugar into a sticky, gooey topping that'll leave you licking your fingers with no shame! I recommend ordering a hot coffee with these bad boys.


Ask anyone: This is my FAVORITE salted chocolate chip cookie in the city. Right here. They're chunky, buttery and soft on the inside, crumbly on the outside, and not too chocolate-y. I could eat a whole box....I'm not kidding you.


These delicate strawberry and lemon macarons take me back to fantastical summer nights in Paris. In the strawberry macaron, you can taste the berries. No artificial flavors here, people.

Come by Épicerie to pick up a couple of pastries for Mother's Day -- a few macarons or buttery shortbread sticks will win her heart. Or, you can always come by on Mother's Day for their fabulous brunch. All desserts will be available, including some extras from the restaurant's newest pastry chef. It's time to celebrate your sweet tooth!!